Golden Sigma ENG

Golden Sigma

Engineering, Consulting,
Manufacturing and Installations



Design of structures according to EUROCODE 3 (buildings, roofs, structures for machines, offshore structures)

Design of conveyors, machines and testing rigs according to the machines directive 2006/42/CE

Design of piping systems and pumps sizing

Design of pressure vessels according to directive 2014/68/EU and ASME VIII


Industrial plants layouts

Process flow diagrams

Third party verification

CE marking of machinery

Refurbishment plans for machines

Reverse engineering

Failure investigation of structures and machines

Development and management of quality management systems

Manufacturing and installations

Metal structures

Conveyors and machines

Mechanical installations

Mechanical maintenance

Metal piping systems

Process skid manufacturing

About us

GOLDEN SIGMA is an international company specialized in engineering of metal structures, conveyors and industrial machinery.
Our staff consists of experienced senior engineers with different backgrounds.
Our mission is to assist the industry designing and bringing to life new projects, and assure a life time integrity management of the assets.
In the markets that we operate, our main focus is on the following industries: oil & gas, paper, food, mining, chemical and cement.


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